A1 Business License changing to C1 Business License (Updated Info: Original Post 10/2/2020)

On Friday, October 2, 2020, Alarm Companies began
receiving a new license (A1 Business) in the mail from the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
Division of Professional Licensure: Board of Electricians.

We have received some additional information from the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, that the Board of Electricians
is working on some changes regarding the issued A1 Business License
to the Systems Industry. It seems the A1 Business License caused
some confusion with some local Electrical Inspectors.
The Division of Professional Licensure, is looking into changing
the recently issued A1 Business License for
Alarm Companies to a C1 Business License moving forward.

This transition will effect about 160 Alarm Companies
in the Commonwealth.

At this time, there has been no set date as to when the
C1 License will be issued. While these changes are being
worked on, companies should continue to use the
A, B, or C License to pull permits.

The MSCA also suggests that Alarm Companies should hold off on
changing any marketing to incorporate this new license until
all details have been finalized by DPL and the Board of Electricians.

As an Association, we continue to learn about this
recent Industry change and will keep you posted
as more information becomes available.

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