Our members are involved! They attend meetings, join the Board of Directors, call and visit legislators when needed, invite non-members to join the association, become a liaison with their police and/or fire department, and actively protect their careers and businesses by protecting and promoting the industry. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits, projects, and events that are available to members of our association.

Should You Join the MSCA?

Do you supply or manufacture products or provide service or support to any of the following dealers?

  • Intrusion & Fire Systems
  • Security Hardware
  • Telephone/Intercom
  • Access Control Systems
  • Computer Wiring
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Integrated Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Home Theater
  • Data Networking
  • Watering Systems
  • Central Station Monitoring

Have you been looking for access to the decision-makers in the most active, successful, and forward thinking firms in the industry?

Do you want to know how business owners see the current state of the marketplace, so you can identify your best opportunities?

Do you want to know what dealers are really looking for in a supplier or manufacturer?

Would you like to spend quality time with smart people from every facet of the industry who face the same issues you do?

If your livelihood depends on the health of the industry, shouldn’t you do all you can to impact that in a positive way?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, read on


  • Member Directory and Bylaws – sent to every member upon payment of dues or when accepted
  • Consumer Guide for Choosing a Home Alarm System – customized with your company’s information; use it as a handout for prospective customers
  • MSCA Website – A valuable resource for every member with an up-to-the-minute member directory and industry calendar
  • Contact – a bi-monthly publication sent to every member, stay current on events in and out of the MSCA

Educational Courses

  • 15 Hour License Renewal Course for Systems Technicians holding a C and/or D License.
  • EST “D” License Training Course – MSCA members get a greatly reduced rate on the State approved D-license classes
  • C-license Course – 75 hour course for D- license holders who aspire to C-licensure
  • OSHA 10 Classes – OSHA 10 certification is a snap with this class
  • D-Crash Course – 8 and 16 hour class designed to help students pass the State D-license examination

MSCA Events

  • Regularly scheduled meetings that provide opportunities to meet new prospects and old friends in a convivial atmosphere, discuss common problems and solutions, and learn from a variety of speakers and programs, all tailored for industry professionals
  • Annual convention of the six New England state associations: Northeast Security & Systems Expo (NEACC)
  • Annual Vendor Night for Associate Members to show off the latest and greatest
  • Annual golf outing


  • The MSCA staff is available to Associate and Affiliate Members to help identify opportunities
  • The MSCA Office Staff is available daily to answer your questions and provide information
  • The Office Staff, Officers and Board of Directors work tirelessly on behalf of all members of the MSCA
  • To ensure the continued health of the industry in this region, our Education Team is addressing the shortage of qualified, skilled, and licensed technicians.
  • The MSCA’s top quality and highly professional  EST program, broadens the scope of our educational offerings with LRC, OSHA 10, D-Crash, C-license, and other educational classes

Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Massachusetts Systems Contractors Association, have adopted the following Code of Ethics with the intention of guiding member companies and their employees, individually and collectively, in maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct.

Our Code of Ethics offers the framework necessary for our association to uphold its responsibility to act with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism vital to our industry.

This Code of Ethics is binding on all member firms and their staffs.

  1. We will work together to maintain and improve the quality of services we provide the public and private sectors.
  2. We will make every effort to maximize the reliability of our products and services.
  3. We will train our employees to clearly understand our company and association policies and procedures in order to maintain the highest degree of professionalism, always keeping in mind the trust that our customers put in us.
  4. We will conduct fair business practices with customers, competitors, and employees of competitors, at all times.
  5. We will present our qualifications, make reference to our products and services, and advertise the same, in a truthful, accurate, and complete manner.
  6. All claims with respect to the quality of our products or services shall be based upon proven experience or generally accepted testing procedures.
  7. We will represent our products and services based on their positive merits and will refrain from disparaging competitors or other products.
  8. We will make every effort to:
    1. Promote friendly business relations and instill confidence among our members.
    2. Disseminate information and structure programs and meetings with the goal of keeping members informed of new developments and technology.
    3. Provide forums in which our members may fairly and lawfully exchange ideas and experiences to further improve the quality of services provided.
    4. Maintain open lines of communication with law enforcement officials and other persons of authority to assure the highest degree of service and reliability.
  9. We will apply uniform and equitable standards of employment opportunity in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.
  10. We will install systems and perform services in accordance with the most professional standards available to us and always in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  11. We will always respect the reputation and practices of other firms in the security industry, but we will not hesitate to expose unethical conduct to the proper authority.

Download MSCA Code of Ethics (PDF)