Beacon Hill Update ~ August 2018

The MSCA Monitor

Commonsense Prevails on Thermostat Issue

After a coordinated effort by MSCA members to bring this issue to closure, the Board of State Examiners of Electricians (BSEE) has issued new guidance affirming that C and D license holders are allowed to install and program thermostats.

The BSEE action came after Wells Sampson from American Alarm, David Wescott from Instant Alarm, Ernie Parent from ACP Security, Deb White from Wayne Alarm, Holly Borgmann and Tom Lee from ADT, and Dan Goodman from Building 36 / attended the February 2018 board meeting to advocate for clarification of the issue. MSCA advocates also followed the process through the BSEE subcommittee appointed to review the question.

Click here to read MSCA’s submission to the BSEE

Click here to read the BSEE Guidance Document on Thermostats

New Hot Works Permit Requirements

In response to the March 2014 Back Bay fire that killed two Boston firefighters and was caused by careless, unpermitted welding, the state has approved new regulations for the issuance of hot works permits. As of July 1, 2018, anyone applying for such a permit must have proof they completed an approved training program that covers hot works. Electricians (including C and D licenses holders) are exempt from the new requirement, because it is assumed they receive hot works training through their License Renewal Courses (LRC). MSCA will now work to update and integrate hot works curriculum in its LRC courses.

Read the state’s new hot works guidance here.

Electrical Exam Revision Update Begins

The BSEE has created a special committee to review and update its various licensure exams. A panel of subject matter experts has been appointed and will work in private meetings on the project. Members have signed confidentiality agreements to protect the integrity of the process. The exam committee’s first meeting was in June.

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Most Legislation Stalls at End of Session

None of the bills MSCA tracks on Beacon Hill were enacted by the close of the legislative session this year (July 31).  This means that no changes to law that affect our industry have occurred, or are expected to occur, this calendar year.  So, now is the time for MSCA to ready its priorities and strategy for the legislative session that begins in January.

Our legislative committee welcomes your input.

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